Matt Hagen Motors has been awarded the CarGurus Top Rated Dealer Award 6 years straight for his great relations he has with his customers! Matt has been recognized many time over the years for his superior customer service. Click on this link to learn more about Matt Hagen!

What's Different About Us

About Our Company

Most of our inventory is kept in an indoor facility and will offer our customers the opportunity to view vehicles inside, out of the weather, in a well lit environment. 

We will strive to stock vehicles that can be purchased for less than $20,000... with the exception of a special car here and there!

If you do much vehicle shopping these days, one thing that will become apparent to you very quickly: New car dealerships are HUGE! Who pays for these grandiose mega-structures? Well, if you buy from them, YOU DO!

Matt Hagen Motors, LLC may look more like a warehouse to you than a car dealership, but this is a good thing! Low overhead means lower prices!

Matt Hagen Motors, LLC is a small pre-owned vehicle business in Morehead City, NC. The business is located at the north end of Harris Rd which runs in between the Kangaroo Gas and Pier One Imports, directly across US 70 from the Walmart Supercenter. The business is owned and operated by Matt Hagen who brings over 20 years of car selling experience to this enterprise. Matt takes pride in the fact that he is known for his plain honest dealing and his integrity. Matt welcomes you to his dealership and looks forward to earning your business on your next "new to you" vehicle!

Our Promises to You

We will not sell a vehicle that will not pass North Carolina state safety inspection.

We will not sell a vehicle that we would not put our own family in.

We will not sell a vehicle that we cannot proudly put our name on the back of it.

We will offer a warranty on every eligible vehicle sold.*

Matt Hagen Motors offers a vehicle history report on every vehicle available for sale, and will include a copy of that vehicle history report in the paperwork at delivery. Matt wants his customers to know the vehicle they are buying.