Greatness is not defined by the price. That's my slogan, but what does this mean? It means that a vehicle doesn't have to be expensive to be great. Your friends may judge what you buy by what you paid for it. My advise: Don't tell them! It's really none of their business!

Look around the car business: it seems to me that car dealerships are getting fancier and fancier! They have grand showrooms, sprawling lots on prime real estate, and army sized staffs. Someone has to pay for all that. If you buy from them, YOU WILL! Don't kid yourself: these corporate run megastores pass there expenses on to their customers, one way or another.

Matt Hagen Motors is a small operation with very low overhead... We can pass the savings on to you and give you a better deal!

Vehicles in an Affordable Price Range

If you are looking at a vehicle somewhere and they say that they sell their vehicles AS IS, run! If they don't have any confidence in what they are selling, why should you?

Then there are private seller's vehicles BUYER BEWARE: Absolutely no guarantees there! They can sell cars that will never pass a state inspection and not tell you! All of our vehicles will pass NC state inspection and will come with a powertrain warranty!*

Click on the disclosure tab above to learn more about the Matt Hagen Motors Powertrain warranty. Talk to Matt about the details.

When shopping for a vehicle, ask the seller for a history report. Matt may not always have the lowest price, but often times if you find a better price, The history report will tell why. Be careful

Our Confidence in What We Sell

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Great Cars! Low Overhead=Low Prices

Please call before you come! Due to the nature of the car business, we cannot hold a vehicle for you without a deposit (with or without an appointment). If you will call 252-646-4420 before you leave to come to Matt Hagen Motors (if the vehicle is still available when you call), I will hold the vehicle for you until you get here. IF YOU DON'T CALL ME BEFORE YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY HERE, I CANNOT EXTEND YOU THIS COURTESY AND/OR GUARANTEE THE AVAILABILITY OF INVENTORY WHEN YOU GET HERE. I DON'T WANT ANYONE TO GET HERE ONLY TO FIND OUT THE VEHICLE THEY WANT IS GONE.

Happy Customers, Smart Buyers!

While many things have gotten more expensive lately, most people's incomes have remained stagnant. Our vehicles are in a price range that the hard working folks of Eastern North Carolina can afford.

We will strive to stock vehicles that are $10,000 or less that have lots of life left in them! There will be some exceptions to this ten grand limitation, but that is our goal. We will also stock a classic car or truck from time to time.

Matt will never price a vehicle over the current market value. He consults the NADA guide and the CARFAX report before pricing his vehicles for sale.

Matt abides by a code of ethics instilled in him by his parents: if he tell's you he is going to do something, you can rest assured he will. He does business the right way.